Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Chavi Tujhe Salaam''

                                                       Chavi Tujhe Salaam''                                              Articles: By Ramkishoar Pawar " Roandha ''
Birthplace of the mother is''great''to pay his debts is the first religion. People said that too many types of loans are. A loan in which the land is also where your born. Many times people in rural common spoken language is to force someone to go somewhere and when he refuses to go, people to kill her quip''Why It Is Your Nnero buried ..!'' of Nnero so often is the tube that life in the womb to Shishu Pehuanchati by air from the diet. When the child is born the midwife or the village's biggest - Berjug woman stepped up the hose Dhaardhaar knife - a knife - to cut off her arms buried in a corner of the house itself does. It had before but now Haspietleo nurse and expensive due to the children of villages where the pipe disappears even he does not even know anyone. That is why today of the new breed is not illusory because of his birthplace, his home village of the Hospital Prasuty mother cell is because his heart - heart - in mind for your home or Apantapan not see the love that I Rajasthan the small village of the gram panchayat sarpanch Ms Sodha Rajawat photograph appeared in the hearts, minds. Rajasthan where the girl is considered Abhisrhap be born. Arise where the girls are killed. That girl born in a small village in Rajasthan M B A to study the country - the high profile job abroad - except Job Sarpanchi determined to make the village to return to their village of Ras came as a girl Let's praise is less. AR Rahman on the lines of my mind,''the picture is eager to tell you ......!'' Salaam. Picture of the picture by looking at the eyes, do not think Ghuadswhari jeans t-shirt to wear to-the urban girl's heart and he was suddenly Pasiej AC - High Profile Life on Kuler Bye - bye Aretlly Maitatie come to the village by the rum. Felt that after seeing the picture in Rajasthan which is called''the Maitatie tilak should, because it Maitatie - sands of Rajasthan where the valor and heroism that history is full of valor ...'' After hearing the story of the Rajasthan comes to life in the corpse is. Such reflection of the state again - time to mind is welcome. Zee News all day long dominated the country's special photo story on every news channel, World Women's Day was shown that the M B A to study how IT city Pune after a bye - bye, returned to his village by I. Not looking at a movie model photo Tarieka or the law by taking part in the debate over women's reservation of news good - good Neto speaks of the challenge used to them by closing the village's female self esteem to get even if your intentions clear .....? Photo used to say all that they see me come to the village and there met the woman Pancho Puche them that they already now how the time is Mahssus. Village Panchayto reserve position in the reservation after the election of sarpanch to beat two other women won the photo that says''The village sarpanch my grandfather ever was, today I made sarpanch said.''Female only your self-respect The intention seems to know. Seeing the picture again I started having the pain of daughter's absence. I wish I have a daughter, that even if the M B A and not to the twelve class after the sarpanch of the village made me think maybe I like it I shed a little bit of their homeland - Bhunt debt paid. Drinking water problems of the village or village as the road works everywhere reflection imagine my daughter today, only put the creation of this article. Society like the plague is not the lack of Walo think what to do when it comes to running where the descendants of the son they want to take the sail. Let see the way the clan is run by the daughter. After picture of his grandfather once - once by referring to the descendants Rajawat also has a name and identity. Sodha village panchayat in Rajasthan yesterday that the people only knew. 15 families in a population of just 15 hundred Rajawat's family put the babe to the work that many generations will remember him. Today my dead Abhilasha alive once again by the Tees Majbur made me cry in my life that I do not give away his daughter Puanga .....? Daughter is more loss to the person whose daughter is my no. Today the time my friend and master his brother Ajay Kumar Verma equivalent to appreciate the luck Chahuanga whose Betiao in the IT market from Betul Avidesho to go to his parent's name be exalted. Ajay Betiao brother achieved the milestone today after her mother's hand, of course, because it's his time Agrenji MA in education the law by our own dreams have come true with your Betiao. Ajay brother and sister both today's time to salute the mind. Not that He is my brother - he law because they made me put gold on the little C niece Mona. Millions of today - made millions of Malic Mona is less than a gold. He took full advantage of mother's education and Dichsha and abroad today in the name of the Verma dynasty is so illuminating. Betiao that the time - time Naman - salutation greeting and his step ...... Today the entire country to debate and prestige to women's reservation to see the fight but no one truly world half the population is unable to stop the waste. Women's self-esteem will only when we sit next to him his right to ll. Perhaps in the life of any woman after marriage so rarely get another chance when she finds her husband sitting next to Ane man. Situation is so far still in villages but in cities that his only daughter the opportunity to sit next to people who do not own. So it would be dishonest to talk of giving equal rights. I like the tribal district of Betul'm lived in a small village but also comes to the village - so I'm remains is time - time that I hear that owe Dutkar Latadzt that''when you will pay the debt of his birthplace. .....!'' today really for my own village positions and the direction I am partly responsible. City's fascination I leave the village to the trail that I should Pakadn Barso is looking forward to. People are leaving the village, the village can not go but I'm leaving town. Although I walk alone to the village Nikloo I will reach the village by noon in the village and his mother Maaia Champa tree is left except my own. Mother Maaia and Champa tree is also the village that I can say that I am''is buried in the village because the village I also Nnero .....!'' I go too - walking again me and my village will be looking for in the fact that''I wish my village and also a reflection ......!'' Photo Gallery

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